To transition the approach to sailing to a better one


to create a closer connection with nature 

to change our behaviour 

to improve our lifestyles


To explore the potential of the simple act of sailing with innovation in mind. To use this practice, which has been alive for a long time, to speculate the future. To understand its potential to tackle issues on the planet or to develop it into important innovations. 

To use an entirely new perspective.

Circular Sailing is a participatory platform that aims at creating a community that sailors, but not only sailors, can rely on. It is for everyone to engage with a world they might not know. A space to stay up to date with the latest innovations, for creating engagement and bring people closer. The ultimate goal is to educate and create a wider awareness of nature and the environment that surrounds us. 

The sailboat is the mean. Sailing allowed humans to explore the world on a slow but incredibly efficient means of transport. The pioneering spirit of sailing is a constant, from the desire to explore and discover to increased environmental awareness and a solution-oriented attitude. It has proven to be a great method to create a meaningful awareness shift. When you sail the world around you is smaller, everything is more approachable and understandable and it is easy to realise the true meaning of finite resources. When you are surrounded by nature and depend on the power of the sea, an awareness shift takes place. 


Circular Sailing questions different concepts and ideas by challenging its community to work together towards the same goal. It examines the aspects of our behaviour and asks us to adapt to a new lifestyle. It includes checklists, news and updates, advice and links to emerging companies making use of the latest technologies. Circular sailing is a tool that can be used to transform our behaviour at sea but also on land. It is a journey towards a bigger aim, a project within a bigger plan: to transform sailing into a better practice where sailboats are an active mean for the public to engage with sustainability. 


With an entirely new perspective. 

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